I am a London based live artist. I have studied martial arts, physical fitness and performed as a professional wrestler for 22 years across Europe. Towards the end of my wrestling career, I started to transition into live art as I found some of the performance similarities intriguing, such as displaying the body in certain poses to draw emotion from an audience. I then discovered that live art could lend an authenticity to my work which I couldn’t display in the theatricality of wrestling.

I have shown work for 5 years throughout England and in Berlin, collaborating with Jordan McKensie, Nicola Hunter, Hellen Burrough and Noemi Lakmaier.  I performed alongside Broderick Chow for his event “The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show” which took place at Kings College in London.

This year, I performed “Defence Wounds” for the prestigious SPILL Festival of Performance.

My work currently focuses on masculinity, identity and physicality.