I am a London based live artist. I have studied martial arts, physical fitness and performed as a professional wrestler for 22 years across Europe. Towards the end of my wrestling career, I started to transition into live art as I found some of the performance similarities intriguing, such as displaying the body in certain poses to draw emotion from an audience. I then discovered that live art could lend an authenticity to my work which I couldn’t display in the theatricality of wrestling.

My work currently focuses on the uncertainty of masculinity in today’s society. Masculine identity is in crisis, with expectations of the role in a state of flux. I question what are now the culturally and socially accepted ideals of masculinity? How we judge ourselves against these ideals?

I have shown work for 4 years throughout England, collaborating with Jordan McKensie, Nicola Hunter and Noemi Lakmaier. I’ve developed and performed “Union” alongside Hellen Burrough which was presented at Tempting Failure in Croydon, Buzzcut in Scotland and Submerge in Bristol. In 2017, I performed alongside Broderick Chow for his event “The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show” which took place at Kings College in London. Furthermore, I exhibited in Berlin for the first time at the Luisa Catucci Gallery.